Year : 2020 Volume : 6 Issue : 1

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Economic Evaluation of Health Tourism in Turkey

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The purpose of this study is to make an economic evaluation of health tourism by utilizing the number of tourists coming to Turkey in order to receive health care, and by taking the expenditures of these tourists into consideration. In the study, the data were obtained from secondary sources, mainly those that have been provided by Turkish Statistical Institute. A descriptive analysis was performed in this study. Within the study, it was determined that the number of tourists coming for health purposes and the share of health expenditures of tourists in total tourism income have increased over the years. Besides, it was seen that the average spending of tourists visiting Turkey for healthcare is much more than the average expenditure of all tourists.


Health   Tourism   Income   Expenditure   Turkey  

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DOI 10.26650/jot.2020.6.1.0015

Submission : 5 Nis 2019

Peer Reviewed : 12 Eki 2019

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