Year : 2019 Volume : 5 Issue : 1

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Learning During Wildlife Tours in Protected Areas: Towards a Better Understanding of the Nature of Social Relations in Guided Tours

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This article explores guided wildlife tours in Protected Areas (PAs) in the context of free-choice learning, social relations and environmental stewardship. Free-choice learning refers to people’s informal learning that occurs without requisite external assessment such as schools or workplaces. While the literature argues that guides on wildlife tours in PAs should make visitors aware of a set of achievable on and off-site actions the informal nature of such educational activities is difficult to measure. Research on guided tours on Tiritiri Matangi, New Zealand highlights the complex nature of social interaction between tour participants and the factors that impact on learning during a guided tour. The nature of the social relations that inform guide visitor interaction (GVI) is discussed in the context of Relations Model Theory and freechoice learning.


Guided-tours   Learning   Protected-areas   Social-relations   Relations-model-theory   Wildlife-tours  

Corresponding Author

Jonathon Spring


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Daha Fazla Göster


DOI 10.26650/jot.2019.5.1.000

Submission : 19 Şub 2019

Peer Reviewed : 11 Haz 2019

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